We paint miniatures with passion!

Are you one of these people who love to feel the thrill while struggling at a battle table, but you have no time, skills or tons of materials to prepare your own wargaming miniatures for a battle? You do not want to play using gray, lifeless models which would never be noticed by anyone.


It does not matter what made you come here, it also does not matter what kind of game you are playing or what figures you are using – You are in the right place! There are no models we could not paint for you!

Mad Crow Studio is a group of exceptionally tallented artists who decided to join forces to create the most extraordinary and the most precisely made masterpieces just for you! Each of our artists has exceptional knowledge of wargaming miniature painting, since it is what they have been doing since forever! We have huge experience and accomplished projects for people from all over the world! Our goal is clear: we want to make your dreams come true thanks to our passion and commitment!

Mad Crow - miniature painting service