1. Hello again Mad Crow Studio!

    The Stormwolf & many Wulfen arrived so quickly I didn’t realize for several days that the shipment was ready at the post office 8o The packaging was brilliant as usual – all models arrived in perfect condition and are even better in person to see – I am savoring each one – the detail of the faces and frost weapon effects are especially cool. I’m already thinking possibly another 5 Wulfen with great frost axes and/or some different units. I’m waiting to see how the new GW 8th edition rules and codices work. A fellow player was with me when I unpackaged the shipment and he was impressed with the quality of everything and of course the versatility of the Stormwolf – he’s already encountered my other Stormwolf/fang from your studio in several battles and is envious lol. You should consider showing off more of your amazing work/videos on your website gallery!

    Thank you again friends for these superb models and attention to detail, and I’ll be encouraging my gaming buds to check out your ebay and websites. We’re sure to meet again in the future 🙂

    All the best

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